Comprehensive hearing services for adults of all ages.

Hearing Tests

Johnson’s Hearing Centers provides hearing tests in Inverness, Daytona Beach, and the surrounding community for adults of all ages. A hearing test is the first step in determining if hearing loss is present and what degree of loss it is (mild, moderate, moderately severe, or severe). The hearing test does not take long and our hearing providers will walk you through the entire process. A series of tests will be performed, including:

Audiologist examing a patient's ears for their hearing test

Hearing Aid Evaluations

The purpose of the hearing aid evaluation is to find the right device that will help you. We will ask you some questions about your lifestyle and what your hearing goals are. With this information, we will help you find the right hearing aid that matches your unique needs. Because we are an independent hearing center, we have the ability to work with the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Hearing specialist pointing at a model of a human ear

Hearing Aid Fitting

Using the results of your hearing test (audiogram), we will expertly program and fit your hearing aids to your individual needs. Our hearing specialists are experts in hearing technology and can program your devices to your exact degree of hearing loss. We will also custom fit the hearing aid to your unique ear shape, so you can hear comfortably.

Man wearing his custom fitted hearing aids

Hearing Aid Repairs

While hearing aids are incredibly durable, sometimes an issue does arise. When this happens, we offer expert hearing aid repair services. Whether your aids sound distorted, you need a wax guard replaced, or your devices need a deep cleaning, we can assist you. To keep your hearing aids functioning their best, it is recommended that you bring your devices in every six months for a check-up.

Hearing aids getting taken in for professional repairs

Cerumen Removal

Cerumen (earwax) can build-up inside the ear canal and become impacted. When this occurs, you may experience fullness, clogged ears, and muffled hearing. If you have built-up earwax that is affecting your hearing, we can safely and effectively clean your ears. Contact us to schedule an ear cleaning appointment.

Woman getting at her local hearing clinic to get her ear wax professionally removed

Custom Earplugs

At Johnson’s Hearing Centers, we can create custom fit earmolds for hearing aids, earplugs for hearing protection, and in-ear monitors for musicians. A key part of having healthy hearing and preventing hearing loss is to protect your ears from loud noise exposure. We offer custom fit hearing protection, including SoundGear, so you can hear your best for years to come.

Man at a shooting range wearing hearing protection

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, also known as “ringing in the ears,” can be extremely bothersome, especially if you experience this phenomenon on a constant basis. Tinnitus is when you hear a buzzing, humming, ringing, or whistling sound in your ears when no external noises are present.

There is currently no tinnitus treatment that will cure ringing in the ears, but there are management options that can help. Hearing aids with a masking feature can help those who experience tinnitus. While hearing aids won’t stop ringing in the ears completely, they can provide relief.

Man with tinnitus pain

Mobile Services

Can’t make it into our office? No problem! Our hearing specialist can come to you. We offer mobile hearing services for those who live in Inverness and the surrounding areas. Our at-home services include:

If you are interested in our mobile services, please contact our office directly.

Hearing specialist visiting a patient at home for their hearing test